As a church we believe that the only way to worship God is the way commanded in His word and not left to man's choice or opinion. As it says in Psalm 12 v5-8 'The words of the Lord are pure'.

With this in mind we therefore worship God using the psalms without instrumental accompaniment. More information can be found in our Testimony on worship.

New Psalter

As a denomination we undertook the task of revising our psalm book to bring it more in line with modern english but at the same time holding as a true translation. This work was completed in 2004 and the new psalter can be purchased from our bookshop or by clicking on one of the books below. More information on the aspects of the translation can be found in the preface of the psalter.

The Psalms for Singing - A 21st Century Edition (Staff)
The Psalms for Singing - A 21st Century Edition (Sol-Fa)


Guidance for Singing Psalms

Some of the tunes used in the new psalter are available in MIDI format to aid you in learning the psalms.

You can also read some guidance on the singing of psalms.

The Online Psalter

If you belong to the RPCI church and have an account on this website you can view the psalter online.