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The Antichrist

Robert McCollum
Series 2 Thessalonians (7 of 13)
Location Morning Worship (Lisburn)
Bible Text 2 Thessalonians 2 v3-12


Evil minded people had deceived the Thessalonians, telling them Christ has already come and they had missed out.

Sermon outline -
1. His context
2. His description
3. His activity
4. His identity


39 minutes (4.5 MB)

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2 Thessalonians

Series Infomation

1 Peace
  Sun, 07/09/2008
2 Thanksgiving
  Sun, 14/09/2008
3 The Justice of God
  Sun, 21/09/2008
4 The Effect of Christs Coming on Believers
  Sun, 19/10/2008
5 Living for God's Glory
  Sun, 02/11/2008
6 Let No One Deceive You
  Sun, 09/11/2008
7 The Antichrist
  Sun, 16/11/2008
8 Fundamental Aspects of the Doctrine of Salvation
  Sun, 30/11/2008
9 The Necessity of Prayer
  Sun, 07/12/2008
10 Gospel Progress in the World
  Sun, 14/12/2008
11 Gospel Progress in the Church
  Sun, 21/12/2008
12 Dealing with Persistance Sin in the Church
  Sun, 18/01/2009
13 Paul's Final Greeting
  Sun, 25/01/2009


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