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Real Life: live life to the max

Robert McCollum
Series Real.... (1 of 6)
Location Guest Services (Lisburn)
Bible Text John 10: 10


Life is short and we want to live it. Many think they have the answer. But they are listening to the wrong person. There are two voices we can listen to.

Sermon outline -
1. The destroyer of life
2. The giver of life
3. The experience of life


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Series Infomation

1 Real Life: live life to the max
  Sun, 05/09/2010
2 Real Love: love that never fails
  Sun, 03/10/2010
3 Real Freedom: how can I find it?
  Sun, 07/11/2010
4 Real Peace: a peace that only Christ can give
  Sun, 05/12/2010
5 Real Hope: a hope that will never disappoint
  Sun, 02/01/2011
6 Real Forgiveness: a pardon of which you can be sure
  Sun, 06/02/2011


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