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Words of Mercy

Robert M. McCollum
Series Famous Last Words (1 of 6)
Location Guest Services (Lisburn)
Bible Text Luke 23 v34


Dying words are usually important. Christ spoke seven times while hanging on the cross. Seven sayings that highlight the meaning of the cross. Words full of meaning. Words showing the reason why we are here.

Sermon outline -
1. A great mercy
2. A great answer
3. A great challenge


34 minutes (4.0 MB)

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Famous Last Words

Series Infomation

1 Words of Mercy
  Sun, 04/09/2011
2 Words of Salvation
  Sun, 02/10/2011
3 Words of Compassion
  Sun, 06/11/2011
4 Words of Abandonment
  Sun, 04/12/2011
5 Words of Longing
  Sun, 01/01/2012
6 Words of Victory
  Sun, 05/02/2012


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